Do you have tree trimming San Diego that needs one time or continuous maintenance?  A healthy tree trimming schedule will pay dividends. Not only will it make them and the rest of your property feel great, but regular trimming keeps the reaper at bay. It’s true that many trees that aren’t trimmed die quicker than those that are. Given that tree removal in San Diego is expensive - much like everywhere else - it stands to reason that you should probably do what you can to keep them alive. 

While some people consider tree trimming to be light maintenance, that’s not always the case. It’s important that you choose a company that specializes in such, as personal safety is the number one issue when concerning trimming trees in San Diego. Regardless of how high you may think that they are, the issue is much better dealt with by the work of a professional.

Why Trim Trees in San Diego?

Outside of the aesthetic and health of the tree, there are other reasons why you want to trim your trees. Tree trimming helps your trees grow. By removing unnecessary branches, the good ones will be able to get the sunlight they need to grow as strong and as healthy as they possibly can be. Tree Services form La Jolla and Point Loma to Imperial Beach are available just with a call. 

Removal of some branches also can limit or eradicate any disease. It’s true that many trees will develop some kind of disease at some point in their lives, and those that have become diseased will diminish the quality of the tree. If left completely untreated, you’re going to find that the disease will spread and you’ll have to look into tree removal in San Diego.

Types of San Diego Tree Trimming and Pruning

The ISA has certified three different types of tree trimming. All three of these things do different things, though they all are responsible for good overall health - should you select a company who can sufficiently complete the task.

Cleaning is pretty self-explanatory. The process basically means that the tree service is going to remove dying, weak, and limp branches from the crown of the tree to promote its health.

Raising. This San Diego tree trimming technique takes away the lower branches and raises the body and canopy of the tree. It’s usually done for clearance purposes - for example for vehicles and buildings

Thinning. A qualified tree trimming San Diego purveyor should be trusted with thinning, which is done to improve the overall shape of the tree and allows for light/air to penetrate through the crown. It also reduces the weight on branches and limbs.

Tree Reduction. Reduction is done in lieu of topping. The technique prunes back branch terminals and some secondary branches that could potentially take their place. It maintains its form and strength, unlike topping - which will ultimately kill it. Most people opt for this when branches are coming too close to utility lines.

How Often to Trim Trees

Depending on the tree species, there aren’t any hard and fast rules determining when one should cut trees. However, most experts agree that it should have this service once a year. There are mitigating circumstances where you may not want to follow this rule.

For example, if you have a tree that interferes with power lines, you may want to consider booking a job. Stump removal is another service we offer!  Of course, this first must be cleared with the power company, as it is incredibly dangerous to get too close to power lines. 

Trees can also be trimmed back if it threatens your property. Tree branches are heavy and can cause heavy damage - in addition to personal safety concerns.

Lastly, if they happen to obstruct views of pedestrians and/or vehicles. This is dangerous around both curves and straightaways, as blind spots can cause serious damage. 

Call a Qualified San Diego Tree Trimming Company

Some people consider tree trimming to be something that can be done in just a few hours with a ladder and some scheers. While we respect every handyman out there we do not trust all of them with our tree projects. You need to choose a professional with great stump grinding and tree removal experience. The work is dangerous, precise, and can get out of hand very quickly. 

Lastly, there isn’t much to lose in calling someone who performs this work for a living. Virtually every tree service in San Diego offers free estimates, so at the very least - you can understand what kind of job you’re looking at before any work happens! Check out our home page!

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