Mulch is an integral part to tree health in the San Diego Area. In addition to all that we do as one of the best suppliers for San Diego tree removal companies, we also offer firewood and mulch San Diego services for all of our esteemed customers. As a company that cuts down trees by the acre, it makes sense that we represent companies who possess a large amount of wood to be used for your lawn, fireplace, or even wood stove. In addition, Sometimes your tree trimmings can be used for firewood as well!

Not only do we have some great wood to adorn your landscaping or warm you up on a cool night, we only carry wood that will be absolutely beneficial for your efforts. Above all, we’ll give you some tips that will make you a more informed consumer when you’re on the market - as anyone with a chainsaw can call themselves a firewood or mulch dealer.

Tips When Buying San Diego Firewood

First and foremost, you’ve got to identify the purpose of the wood. If you’re going to be burning the wood outside in a fire pit, you can virtually get away with any kind of wood. It honestly may not matter too much.

However, if you’re burning wood indoors - such as a fireplace or a wood stove - it’s best to get a dense wood. Oak and maple are great for this. However, softer woods like poplar isn’t detrimental to your health or anything, but you will find that it burns much faster and doesn’t really give you the coaling effect that you’re looking for. 

Ash is also a fantastic choice for burning, even though it may not have the heft that maple and oak has. Above all, firewood comes in a variety of materials. To learn more about it be sure to check out this page. It has great information!

If you’re looking to cook on a wood stove, maple again is a great choice here. For instance, you may even find fruitwoods to be a noteworthy choice because it adds an extra dimension to your food. Firewood and Mulch San Diego is here for you! Get on our list!

Lastly, you’ll want to stay away from woods full of resin - such as pine or spruce. In conclusion, they are dangerous and can cause a chimney fire. Also, avoid plywood, pressure-treated, manufactured or stained wood - they’re release gases that are harmful to your health. Always insist on seasoned firewood in San Diego, as well.

Tips to Buy Mulch in San Diego

Looking to buy mulch? It doesn’t have to be hard, but you should know a few things before you have someone to come and drop it off. In and of itself, mulch essentially prevents water loss, keeps the weeds down, makes plants grow, and looks good around the base of trees.

Whats more, people use a couple of different types to adorn their homes wit - usually either cypress, pine, various hardwood mulches, or cedar. 

Cypress. Cypress is great at holding water. Actually, it’s known to be much better than the other types. This isn’t always a great thing, though. While it does reduce water evaporation from the soil, cypress may reduce the water that seeps down into the plant’s roots.

Pine. Pine is considered to be the best looking mulch generally on the market. What’s more is that pine mulch keeps much longer than the other mulch types, meaning less trips to the store!

Cedar. Cedar is great because it keeps all of the bugs at bay, unlike many of the other types. It also deters bugs that may be already there. 

If you’re looking for great San Diego mulch, go for the organic. Organic mulch enriches the soil as well as covers it. Also, be sure not to spread any mulch more than 3 inches deep. Furthermore, keep about 8 inches between the mulch and the plant/tree trunk itself.  Anything less can be detrimental to the plants. 

Moreover, you’re choosing dark bark mulch in San Diego, insist on plants that can tolerate heat, as dark mulches absorb heat and give it back to the plants. Therefore, it may be a bit too much and they may react poorly to it.

Choose a Proven San Diego Firewood and Mulch Dealer

With these tips, you should be a bit more informed as to what to look for when searching for mulch, firewood, or both! Insist on understanding exactly what you’re getting from anyone that sells either, though we know that you can’t go wrong with the providers that we regularly connect with. All in all, the firewood in San Diego we represent has been harvested to provide bright, long-lasting heat. Also, the San Diego mulch we provide will be exactly what your plants need to thrive! For more info check out Tree Service San Diego.

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