Emergency Tree Service San Diego

Emergency Tree Service San Diego is open 24 hours and is available when an emergency arises. these things are never a good thing. They cause stress, make you react quickly, and sometimes even make a bad situation worse.  Therefore, none of these things are preferable, and when there’s thousands of pounds of wood and foliage crashing down on your property, you’re going to need some help that you can trust to get the job done correctly. Be sure to alert the officials if you are in a life threatening situation. 

Virtually every state deals with tree emergencies in some shape or form - even in San Diego. That said, you’re going to need a company that can mobilize as soon as it happens. Every area in San Diego can experience emergencies from La Jolla to El Cajon and we are here to help. 

24-Hour Tree Service

First off, it can be a little tough to find a company that will truly work around the clock, even less of those that are willing to round up a crew that will get out of bed to remove some trees. While there may not be that many, you should still be able to find them. All the pertinents apply here - they should be licensed, bonded, and insured to work in your area. 

Even though you may find yourself in an emergency situation, unlicensed climbers can cost you much more than you were previously expecting, especially if something goes wrong.

We partner with some of the best on-call tree companies in San Diego. As a result, all have been thoroughly vetted to complete work in even the most hazardous conditions - even if they’re responsible for cutting and lifting a tree off of a roof!

Emergency San Diego Tree Service Rates

Of course, all tree jobs are different - the same can be said about their rates. There are a plethora of variables that may get in the way from one tree removal cost to another. That said, as with all emergencies, a tree emergency will cost you more than just a standard removal. 

In fact, in some cases, you may find that the operating cost is double than if you were to go through the standard process. The reason for this is simple - they’re operating out of standard work hours, the company may have allotted for only so much distance (and oil, gas, personnel) in a given day, and how quickly they need to settle the issue. Furthermore, it's always the goal to keep prices as competitive as possible, logistical issues can hamper that.

Of course, if its a particular storm or a general issue that necessitates visits to other homes or businesses, this tree removal cost could be passed onto the consumer. To prevent emergencies that have to do with fire damage please check out our wildfire prevention page!

What to Do in a Tree Emergency

Remain calm. A problem tree that hits a home, car, or another structure will more than likely cause some excessive damage. Therefore, its not best to overreact, as it may cause more damage.

Call Qualified Experts. First of all, you will want someone who knows what they’re doing out there as soon as possible. Often times, people choose to do what they can to mitigate the damage. As admirable as it may be, there are also times where people are doing more harm than good.

Stay away from the tree. It’s human nature to want to get close and assess the damage. Unfortunately, this can create victims out of bystanders. We also have land clearing services available. Even if the tree seems secure, understand that they weigh a lot and can shift and roll at a moment’s notice. Branches are worse, as there generally will be even less warning before it ultimately falls.

Contact the insurance agency. As, most people don’t have a lot of fun talking to the insurance agency, but they have to know what’s going on. Depending on your agency, you may get the go-ahead to start getting quotes from qualified emergency tree removal experts in San Diego. As a result, you will find that they would prefer to do a lot of legwork for you. Our firewood services are also very popular.

How to Prevent Tree Emergencies

Truth be told, you may not be able to prevent every tree from falling, but there are some things that you can do to lessen the chances of complete catastrophe. Preventative tree trimming is paramount if you want to keep your trees happy and healthy. Consider mulching, a nutrient-rich diet, and arborists to regularly come out to diagnose the health of your trees. They may not always be able to tell you when a tree will fall - they will tell you what you can do to keep it healthy, and if possible, upright!

Emergency tree removal in San Diego isn’t as imperative as it is in other states, but these things do happen. When they do, make sure that you have a plan in place to get going when the tree or branch finds itself in a precarious position. Easily, get back to our mainpage here!

Fortunately - our partners have dealt with the worst in emergency removals. Contact our tree service San Diego now to get started!