Diamond Tree Service Escondido 

Are you a homeowner in Escondido and do you have trees or shrubbery that is out of control? We offer business and residential solutions to clients across the county. We offer great pricing and have a wide variety of services that we offer. Give us a call now for your free consultation. 

Our crews are sizeable and at the same time we can boast about our excellent safety record. We are able to do this because of our cutting edge equipment. Best in the industry. The jobs we do range from small tree and landscape work, to massive multi tree, land clearing jobs. Our estimates stand up against the largest companies in the area and we always do our best to give them to you on the spot   

 Looking for Emergency Tree Service?

Here at Diamond Tree Service Escondido we take pride in our work. We are available 24 hours a day to service you. We work as though your lawn or tree project is our own.  

In a subpar weather conditions, trees may become damaged. Time and infestations may cause internal rot and turn trees into potential dangers for your home or business also turn trees into potential hazards affecting your home or business. If you have some of these issues or if there are broken limbs on your land give us a call!

Our specialist arborists are on standby 24/7 for emergency tree work. If you have an emergency situation, allow us recognize as well as our professionals will go to your front door in no time. They will certainly deal with you quickly in order to the threat and assistance bring back safety to the situation at hand. Check out our main page here.

Tree Removal Solution: Whether it's a little or large task we have specialized equipment to finish any job in a safe manner. We eliminate the trees or various other landscaping with minimum interruption to the building or customers. If you are still trying to understand your tree or land clearing situation, give us a call. Our professionals will come out and also examine the scenario, giving you expert recommendations that is right for your circumstance. If you are located east of San Diego be sure to call our La Mesa office.

Stump Removal: Tree Service Escondido offers stump elimination and also grinding solutions. If you are seeking an inexpensive option, we will just get rid of the noticeable portion of the tree stump. This will help you keep money in your pocket and still improve the appearance of your home or business. Nevertheless, if you want to work with the underground space and develop the building as well as its surroundings, we recommend stump grinding as well. Stump grinding uses durable tools to grind the core section of the stump right into wood chips or mulch. It successfully gets rid of most of the below ground stump so gradually the root system reverses into dust as well as leaves you without future problems.