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You understand that you have a whole host of options in tree removal, trimming, stump grinding, and more in the San Diego area. Admittedly, some are much better than others, though we're the one that stands out from the pack consistently. In that case, Tree Service San Diego is that company! If you are further north be sure to check out our Escondido Page.

For more than a decade, our service has been the de facto tree company operating in San Diego county. We are currently specializing in standard all tree operations, emergency tree work, and even storm damage cleanup. In addition, Our bonded and insured company is all about being thorough, experienced, and courteous every step of the way.

In short, we leave every commercial and residential property in much better shape that we’ve found it. It’s our promise to each and every customer we come across. On another note, if your tree is on city property, please be sure to reach out to San Diego City for more information.



Tree Removal in San Diego

Trees are our business. Around here, everyone loves their trees as they should. We have some of the most beautiful palm trees in the country! Firstly, they provide excellent shade, curb appeal, and create the oxygen that keeps us going. That said, there are times that they can be very problematic, whether from a safety standpoint or an aesthetic one. Either way, there will always be a need to have someone that can remove them without issue.

San Diego tree removal can be a chore; it’s not one that should be taken lightly. It’s dangerous, dirty work that should only be done by licensed professionals. In short, we’re not an organization that advocates anyone with a ladder and a chainsaw to try their luck.

The same should be said by fly-by-night companies. It’s not hard to find unlicensed workers operating ropes, saws, and buckets. However, it’s just not the advisable way to go about it. So, only trust those that have been known to provide excellent results in San Diego tree removal.

Tree Trimming Service San Diego

Oftentimes, you won’t need a complete tree removal. In fact, a lot of what we do is altering the shape of trees for health, beautification, or safety purposes. Certainly, tree trimming in San Diego is done with care and tree safety in mind. Usually, tree trimming San Diego is done a few different ways, such as:

San Diego Tree Pruning and Windowing. In an effort to improve sightlines, our partners firstly remove branches to form a window, allowing you to better see your property

Thinning: Tree thinning - as the name implies - removes some of the dense branches due to taking up too much of the light. Taking the nutrients from other, crucial branches

Crown Reduction/Cleaning: Likewise, trees have a way of obstructing wind, and a crown reduction is a way to reduce some of that. Firstly by cutting back some of the crown (top). The tree can pass the wind a bit easier, reducing the chance of tree failure. Hence, cleaning removes dead and decaying branches to prevent disease from spreading throughout the tree 

Residential Tree Trimming Service San Diego

We provide a great deal of work at your place of residence. Residential tree services in San Diego provide their own issues. These issues can change from property to property. Tree removals or trimming jobs present potential damages and hazards such as electrical lines, entry ways for equipment, roof clearances, and even the types of grass used on a property. 

It’s important for your tree service to understand that every residential tree job will be different. Furthermore, they should have a property plan of attack. That’s where we come in. Firstly, at the time of estimate, we talk to the potential customer about these issues - which starts by asking the right questions. 

With there being so many companies out there vying for the same job, some services are just quick to get to the quote without accessing the property and walking through particular issues. Therefore, if you’re looking for the #1 tree service, you’ll want them to be able to talk about the potential work as thoroughly as they can perform it.

That’s where we come in.

Commercial Tree Services

In addition to the residential tree services that we provide, we also like to perform exemplary work for business owners throughout San Diego. We provide the same level of care for businesses than we do for homeowners, though we understand that the specifications may be different. If need be, we will flex our muscles and bring out some of the big guns. From cranes to roping to additional groundsman, we’ll pull out all the stops to get the job done for you.

Also, if you’re looking for a white-glove service for your commercial tree trimming or removal, we’re capable of that, too. Firstly, we understand that it’s not a one size fits all approach to tree care, nor is it always a job that a small outfit can handle. Should you need something as large as a golf course or hospital to be contracted, understand that we have the staff and arborists to make your dreams a reality. If you would like to know more about us be sure to check out our page!

Finally, it’s our goal to not only alter or remove your trees, but we also want to protect your investment. Certainty, curb appeal isn’t the most important part of running a great business, we do know that a well-manicured parcel will be nothing short of a positive for potential clients!

Lot and Land Clearing in San Diego

Firstly, reclamation is a major process for properties that are in dire need of an overhaul. For some, this can be an arduous process, as it requires decent site preparation, right of way clearances, tree removal, and stump grinding and/or removal. 

All of these processes are crucial and the job can’t be done unless every step of the process is completed to satisfaction.

Firstly, for Tree Service San Diego, this requires a high level of coordination, equipment, and know-how. From project managers to climbers, a lot clearing job is one that will require everyone being on the same page. 

Likewise, measurements must be taken for all vehicles to move in and out, secondary surveys to be taken to safely stay away from utility and gas lines, and ISA arborists should be contacted to assure that all the trees, vegetation, and assorted brush are safely removed and disposed of.

While we think that there are a number of companies that can handle this, it should be your goal to only use a service that has provided numerous amounts of San Diego lot clearing in the past. Simply put we don’t think it’s something that every tree company can do.

Mulch and Firewood in San Diego

Most tree companies get quite a few calls for firewood and mulch throughout the year. It makes sense; they cut the wood, why shouldn’t they have some laying around? Fortunately, we’re that company and furthermore if you’re looking for mulch for your trees health or walkways on your lawn - give us a shout. We have plenty of mulch to go around and maybe even a good chance that you’ll find some that go along with the motif of your yard.

Should you be looking for long-burning, great smelling firewood - we’re also your company. We provide great cords of firewood at a price that you can afford, capable of being used for any and all occasions.

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We understand that San Diego tree trimming and removal can be quite the undertaking. Tree removal cost isn’t negligible, nor is the cost of choosing a company that won’t get the job done right. Above all, we represent some of the best tree professionals in San Diego, those that are happy to address all your tree care needs for a reasonable price point, a truly affordable tree removal cost.

In whoever that you ultimately choose certainly be sure that you’re not sparing any expense because they just have the lowest quote. Insist on references, licensing, and accompanying business information to assure you have a company that will bring the best possible results. 

However - if you’re looking for the absolute best in tree service companies in San Diego - call us today! We’re your one stop shop for removals, trimming, stump grinding, and lot clearing. We’ll even show up to drop off some mulch or provide you with some firewood on those chillier nights!

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